Boot Camp and Accelerator Programs

Since the beginning of 2017, Smart Solutions is working as one of the main consulting firms helping out Starturk Inc. (Starcamp) for the following activities:

  • Boot Camps
  • Accelerators
  • Entrepreneurship Research
  • Soft landing services
  • Training & Mentoring
  • Facilitation of Programs and Meetings

The main function of Starcamp is to identify the technology startups and support their international funding, investment opportunities and assist in developing their competitiveness.

Starcamp has been operating in Palo Alto since the beginning of 2017, and is launching its accelerator programme for young entrepreneurs beginning in April 2017. Its goal is to help the entrepreneurs learn more about Silicon Valley’s ecosystem and business culture, how to do business in SV, how to access funding and new clients in the region. Entrepreneurs will have the chance to develop and check their project ideas and business plans with Silicon Valley experts. After the programme they and their businesses will be more powered to launch in SV.