Tailor-Made Training Programs

Based on many years of experience in many sectors and companies, Smart Solutions offers 100% Tailor-Made Training Programs.

Our Programs include:

  • Need Assessment Process: During this phase, required information about the presenting needs/problems is collected via detailed interviews with the Human Resources professionals of the client company. In addition, focus group discussions, semi-structured or structured interviews, questionnaire applications can be carried out with the company employees.
  • Program Outline: This outline is prepared and presented to the client company for related edits or additions.
  • Program preparation: Depending on the target date, program is put together by Smart Solutions Team. The final work is again presented to the client before implementation.
  • Program application: Program is put into practice as an indoor or an outdoor training.

What is different with our Training programs?

  • All Our Programs are applied meaning that we do not lecture, but enable practice of many concepts, issues and methods.
  • All of our trainers have a related experience as well as a related profession: Our trainers are mostly coming from professions in Psychology, Economics, Media, or Business Administration. Depending on the subject of training, the related trainer is involved in all of the phases listed above.
  • We always target and acquire “behavior-related results” meaning that we always design our programs targeted at the desired behavior/attitude change.
  • We have a follow-up process for training. We can measure and evaluate the results of our training programs via several data collection methods including many statistical analyses. We can apply follow-ups at 1-6-12 months after the training program takes place.