Indoor Programs

Smart Solutions provides indoor training programs with the following topics:


  • Stress Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Understanding Body Language
  • Increasing Work Motivation and Satisfaction
  • Dealing with Difficult people
  • Managing Time and Work Flow
  • Understanding Emotional Labor
  • Getting to Know My Intrinsic Motivation
  • Personal Career Management
  • Interpersonal Conflict Management


  • Improving My Leadership Skills
  • Pinpointing and Changing the Behavior of My Employees
  • Leadership by effectively combining my IQ and EQ
  • Managing My Talent: Getting to know Myself


  • Communicating and Achieving together as a Team
  • Teambuilding with Increased Motivation
  • Conflict Management inside the Team
  • Leadership and Effective Teamwork
  • To work as “One” inside the Team
  • Becoming an Organic Team instead of a Mechanic one
  • Creating Interdependence inside the Team by using Tasks
  • Becoming a Self-Managing Work Team