Outdoor Programs

Smart Solutions, in collaboration with Yöne-Team Creative Solutions offers outdoor training programs including following client goals:

  • Teambuilding
  • Leadership Skills Improvement
  • Enabling more Effective Teamwork
  • Developing Personal Competencies such as Time Management, Teamwork, Stress Management, Communication, Customer Focus, Cost-Consciousness, Planning, Task Management…etc.
  • Screening Organizational Values as practiced by all Employees
  • Creating Oneness inside the Team/Organization
  • Improving the Concept of a “Collaborative Team”
  • Developing Managerial and Work-related Skills
  • Enabling Human Resources Management inside the Team
  • Increasing Awareness of the Team members
  • Creating more Collaboration and Participation between the Departments
  • Screening the Strengths/Weaknesses of the Teams
  • Teamwork related Performance Evaluation
  • Any other goals required by the Client Company

Usually, various games and exercises are inserted into the program including many creative scenarios and tasks for the teams.

The length of the programs may go from half-a-day to 2 days with groups of minimum 20 participants. There have been programs carried out with 500 to 2000 people the most.

After each program, Individual and Team reports are carried out and shared with the client company.

Up until now, Smart Solutions and Yöne-Team has worked with the following Companies:

  • Biruni Labs
  • IKEA
  • FritoLay-PEPSICO
  • Pirelli
  • Novartis
  • Roche
  • Garanti
  • Phillip Morris